DC BULLETIN #15-000000 / MARCH 30, 2015

To:    All NAPA Distribution Centers

General Managers, Operations Managers, Sales Managers, District Managers,

Wholesale Managers, Quaker City Motor Parts

Technician KNOW HOW: New Technical eLearning Courses for 2015

These new eLearning courses for shop technicians offer real-world KNOW HOW
plus convenience and they're available now:



Diesel No Start, No Code Diagnostics for Dodge Ram Cummins

Diesel No Start, No Code Diagnostics for General Motors Duramax


Fuel, Ignition & Emissions

Electrical - Practical Scope Testing

Electrical - Voltage Drop

EVAP Guru The Basics

EVAP Guru Chrysler System

EVAP Guru Ford EVAP Diagnostics

EVAP Guru Ford System Operation

EVAP Guru General Motors System



Introduction to Hybrid Systems

Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Safety

Hybrid Maintenance and Service Part 1

Hybrid Maintenance and Service Part 2


Store Benefits

NAPA Autotech Training can help dealer customers offer more services for new streams of revenue, increase service bay productivity for more profit and stay up to date with today’s automotive technology. When dealer customers sell more needed service-repair work, they buy more parts. Dealers with more KNOW HOW make fewer warranty/labor claims, too. Don’t be just another parts supplier – strengthen customer relationships and keep the competition at bay by helping professional installer customers get the KNOW HOW they need to succeed today. 

New Selling Opportunity

For many NAPA AutoCare Centers and other professional installer customers light duty diesel maintenance and repair services represent a new source of customers and sales revenue. But first, they need the right KNOW HOW, like the diesel training offered in these new courses. Across the country, there are millions of light duty diesel trucks on the road today creating a multitude of opportunities – an oil, lube and filter change typically sells for $200 and more not to mention sales of brake, tire, alignment and suspension work. And CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) standards are expected to generate additional sales for the foreseeable future.


OSS Talking Points

How many professional installer customers think fitting technical training into their busy schedule is tough or that training is too costly? You can help. NAPA Autotech eLearning courses are available online anytime from any Internet connection. And while convenient eLearning saves time and money, users won’t feel short changed on content. These new courses feature diagrams, interactive on-the-shop-floor scenarios and videos to help technicians build the skills and techniques they need, fast.

Tip: The sooner you spread the word to your customers, the sooner they can take advantage of these and other NAPA Autotech training courses in 2015.


Shop Benefits

Technicians with more technical KNOW HOW are more productive and more likely to fix it right the first time, reducing come-backs and improving customer satisfaction. More service-repair capabilities means more sales and profits. Quality training helps with recruiting and retaining well-qualified technicians.


Spread the Word

Distribute the attached bulletin to your independent store and shop customers now.


To Access these new NAPA Autotech eLearning courses:

Log in at NAPAAutotech.com, NAPAAutoCareTraining.com or NAPAAutoCare.com.  Go to ____, select _____, click _____.